25 July 2010

Find Work - at Home

My living and financial situation are explained here if you're interested. Now that you know a little more about me (if you haven't read it before) here is the deal - My current outcome in life wasn't what I had been expecting. I didn't expect to have kids, not be married, and not have a career at 27. In fact, I expected to have a house, a great car, and a great job and be married with no kids and living it up. Life throws funny curve balls at you sometimes and you just have to learn to deal with them. I believe in the saying that you're never given more than you can handle. I expected to be thin and gorgeous forever, but I'm constantly reminded of the gravity sketch in the movie "The Sweetest Thing." So you find yourself in a compromising situation, an unexpected outcome, or facing an uncertain future and you have to deal with it.

I had a job I adored, but we still had to move to a place that was 30 miles from the nearest Wal-Mart, Target, or shopping mall - so I had to learn to deal with it. No one in the area was interested in my expertise as a Retail Manager and if they were, once they found out I was only 27, they tossed me over for some one who was older (I'm not kidding either). So I find myself here: no job, my fiance is on unemployment, and with only one talent which I've had almost my entire life: writing. I spent an entire night on the internet - not the whole night, maybe just about 8 hours total - in order to find money making resources.

Freelancing is a great source of income - if you have the talent that someone is looking for. Start-up businesses, however, are a risky business unless you know there is a demand out there for your goods or services. While the general consensus is saying now is a great time (better than "normal" even) to start a business, I would advise against it if it is your first time. My fiance and I own a General Contracting business that is very difficult to maintain. Home based businesses are also a bad idea if you don't have any time to dedicate to them.

That being said, you can also understand it when I say that if you just don't have the time, don't begin undertaking freelance work at home either. While some companies will allow you to work at your own pace. many more will have deadlines like any "real world" job that you should adhere to. There are several freelance resources for writing, editing, and graphic and web design. Also, SEO is a hot commodity in which you can start your own consulting business, but being organized is a big requirement if you want to make your clients a guarantee.

Aside from this, there are many different outlets for making money at home, but there is one thing you should always remember: There is no "set it and forget it" money making scheme. You can't get money for doing nothing - even setting up Ad Sense requires a little time and effort. Now that that's clear, you should also keep in mind that you shouldn't be paying anyone, anything for anything. Seriously. Unless you are looking at Avon, Mark, or other reputable companies with legitimate testimonies, you shouldn't be paying outrageous amounts (or even small, recurring amounts) for any kind of "start up kit" or "ebook" that promises you riches beyond your wildest dreams. Finding legitimate work at home is a trial-and-error type process which is why I won't post any links or reference any sites that I have not gotten paid for myself. Check subsequent posts for places to go in order to make money working at home online or consult the bar to your left for work at home resources. Approach with caution and you will be fine. Good luck and be sure to check out future posts for more information - this isn't just another site about coupons, you know!


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