20 July 2010

Tuesday - The Weekly Shop Trip

I actually did my shopping yesterday, which normally happens so many of the things I purchased are not around, have all ready been opened or are in the freezer. Here are the receipts from yesterday's trip. I skipped Target for maybe sometime later this week because my transfer from Paypal isn't in yet. I am getting paid three times this week! Isn't that awesome?

Without further ado, here is the low-down:


Huggies Pull Up Jumbo Pack $8.99, $3 ECB
     -$2/1 Huggies Pull-Ups Printable

Tide 2x Ultra $10.97, $2 ECB
     - $1/1 Tide Detergent (7/4 P&G Insert)

Hefty Trash Bags Big Flaps 40 ct. $6.99, no ECB

     - $1/1 Hefty Waste Bags (From Facebook)
     - $20.99 in ECBs from previous transactions (I was saving them because I knew we needed some high dollar items this week ;) )

     = $1.96 OOP + Tax with $6 in ECBs to spare.

**This week I started with food products and the ECBs they provided were massive - over $20! Also, you can do the milk ECB featured in the ad twice, which helped me because they were out of Pretzel M&Ms. I don't like to count the ECBs that are produced from the product into the final OOP because it's not realistic - you can't use an ECB until it prints and it won't print until you've paid - so to include it isn't being honest about your OOP (out of pocket) price, really. In reality, this transaction could have been cheaper, too, because I still had a $1 and $2 ECB, I just got distracted is all... which happens.


Dawn Dishsoap $.99
     - $.20/1 Dawn (7/11 or 7/17 Insert, can't remember :( )

(2) Ziploc Bags 2 for $5
     -$1/2 Ziploc Walgreens July Coupon Book
     - $1/2 any Ziploc product
     - $1 RR from previous transaction
     = $2.79 OOP + Tax

**I normally don't have much to do with Walgreens as all the good rebates and deals are often found at CVS. I would choose CVS' deals over Walgreens any day, but we needed Ziplocs and soap. I also was after the Dr Scholl's RR which fell through when I found out that they were sold out. Also the G2 Pens were on my list, but they were sold out too - I had just bought the Papermate from CVS for the ECB last week, so I wasn't hurting for them anyway.

In all, 5 items for about $5, all name brand products. Look for follow up shopping trips this week as I'm going to get that Dr Scholls RR if it kills me! I could use a boost in stocking up on some RR for Walgreens!


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