22 July 2010

What Can You Get For $10? (or less...)

This week I wanted to focus on a beginner scenario with the benefits of nothing but printable coupons. It's not meant to be a means of enticement, however, it might become one. When I first started using coupons, I found that many sites had gobs of coupons in their repertoire that I just didn't have. I'm out to prove that you don't need to buy 17 Sunday papers or trade coupons over the internet or just plain go out of your way period to get great deals. Though, yes, I will buy about 2 Sunday papers and sometimes pick up extra coupons over the internet at a swap or by other means myself - it's not a sin and it doesn't make you insane. 

Aside from this common assumption that all people who use coupons are cheap or that we create a lot of hassle, keep in mind to be polite and friendly with store associates and if you have separate transactions (which you will in this case), please allow people who come in line behind you to wrap up their sales - it's just a common courtesy. That being said, here are the deals I've peeked at this week and my $10 or less OOP (out of pocket total) with nothing but printable coupons and ECBs - keep in mind that in order to get ECBs you need a CVS card!

Word is that there is another 3-day Sale, so get in on Sunday if you can! If not, I can't guarantee that these first two items will be in stock!

Transaction #1:
Papermate Pens 10pk - $0.99, $0.99 ECB 
Pencil Sharpener/Double Blade - $0.99, $0.99 ECB
     = $1.98 OOP (Total Spent - $1.98)
        ECBs Earned - $1.98
        Retail Value/Advertised Value Total - $1.98
        Amount Saved - $0 (wait for it, wait for it.......)

Transaction #2:
U by Kotex - $4.99, $4.99 ECBs
     -$1.98 ECBs from previous transaction 
     = $2.01 OOP (Total Spent - $3.99)
        ECBs Earned - $4.99
        Retail Value/Advertised Value Total - $6.97
        Amount Saved - $2.98

Transaction #3:
Photo Book with 10 6x8 Pages - $7.99, $7.99 ECBs
      -$4.99 ECB from previous transaction
      = $3.00 OOP (Total Spent - $6.99)
        ECBs Earned - $7.99
        Retail Value/Advertised Value - $14.99
        Amount Saved - $7.97

Transaction #4:
M&Ms/Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn (Select Varieties of each) Spend $10, get a free M&Ms Popcorn Bowl! Make it movie night tonight!
   (2) Orville Redenbacher's 3-4pk Popcorn - 2/$6
   (2) M&Ms 9.9oz - 12.5oz - 2/$5
     -(2) $1.25 off WYB (when you buy) Orvilles/M&Ms Together Printable
     - $7.99 ECB from previous transaction
        = $.51 OOP (Yep, you heard me!)
        ECBs Earned - $0
        Retail Value/Advertised Value - $25.99
        Amount saved - $18.46
Total Spent OOP - $7.50

This scenario is based off the fact that you start out with no ECBs. I have $6 to spend from last week (this week) so I will either be making a return trip tomorrow or save it for the 7/25 ad. If these items don't suit you, e-mail me and let me know what you did on your beginner scenario. Remember! You don't need a giant stash of coupons to start doing this as there are multiple resources on the internet. 

The basic idea I keep in mind when working out my plan is that I always want to try and "trade up" my ECBs in order to get the more expensive items in the ad. Also remember, though, the one golden rule of Couponing (for me, anyway): Moderation. Don't buy it if you don't need it or aren't planning to donate it to a good cause! That's how pack rats are born... and I mean that in the nicest way!

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