20 July 2010

MMSM Makes an Entrance

Hello and welcome to Make Money, Save Money - the one blog that won't just tell you that you can save or make money, but will also help you do it. My name is Ellae and I am a Freelance Writer, SEO Specialist, and not only do I work at home, but I also cut expenses in my everyday life by Couponing.

I feel that by pooling our resources (which I seem to find more of everyday), we can learn to help each other without sacrificing hours of our time. While a lot of Couponing scenarios are the same from site to site, this blog isn't just about saving money.

As a SAHM, I have learned how to make legitimate income through just a few hours a week with the skills I've been blessed with. My situation isn't the worst one out there, however, I still have children to care for and while I can easily save money on food, it's the high dollar items like diapers, personal hygiene merchandise and household items that seem to cost the most month after month.

Follow me on this personal adventure and hopefully you will learn something from my own experiences.

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