25 July 2010

Make Money - You Data

Here is a make money post that will cost you virtually no investment of time. You Data is a service that provides advertisers with traffic through their "employees" (you). You Data is another one of those "Click this ad, make money" sites, but it's so much more different. Often times with ad-clicking you find yourself having to participate in surveys - or worse - purchase a membership to access data.

You Data is for people 13 years old and up - you heard me. 13 year old kids can make money off this site as long as there is a Paypal account to stuff it in. While You Data is literally only a few cents per ad you can make anywhere from $2 - $6 a week. Okay, so the income isn't blowing your mind, but here is another aspect to think of: you can have two accounts per household (one per Paypal account). What does that mean? Double the income. Again, I know it doesn't sound like much but it is generally invasive "work" - I don't even let the ads load and half the time they lead to a broken link and I still get paid for it. 

Like clockwork, You Data dumps your weekly earnings into your account every Friday without question or hesitation. I have just let it sit in my account and accumulate - you can choose to go the higher route and deposit your earnings into a high interest savings account and just not touch it. Any way you decide to go, you should definitely sign up for an account with them as it's probably the easiest gig I have run into thus far - virtually no work. I know what you're thinking - "For virtually no money." If you think you wouldn't like a few extra bucks for cigarettes or your daily coffee - think about You Data

Create two accounts for your household and develop two Paypal accounts and just let your money sit until you need it. It's a nice bonus to see your money accumulate without question week after week. Just click the links on the article or on the left bar and go for it - there is nothing but money to gain here. And remember - I don't recommend anything I haven't tried AND I haven't gotten paid for!

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