20 July 2010

A Little History on My Personal Experiences

As a mom, I realized the necessity in Couponing a long time ago. Unfortunately, when I would go back to a "real" job in the "real" world, I would lose all my aspirations to follow up with this useful and valuable aspect of shopping. Thanks to unforeseen circumstances, I now stay at home and work on my own time, at my own pace; I am responsible for my paycheck and choose how much I want to make every week. I like to prove the worth of sites before I actually approve them to be posted here, so just know that I will only put up legitimate work at home opportunities and real coupon scenarios. 

My writing skills stem from childhood and I was lucky enough to wind up being as smart as I am (good genes, I guess).  After my fiance lost his job (like so many people all ready have), I became more resourceful than I had ever been. At first, I was just diligent in trying to find a job, but the location we moved to was too far for anyone to be interested in my skills with Retail Management. I soon turned to "Mommy forums" online to find an answer to that question everyone asks from time to time: Are there legitimate work at home jobs? I quickly found several different resources in my personal expertise of writing and submitted all the necessary information to get started.

My first week was meant for checking out these sites I had signed up with and making sure they paid me so I didn't do a lot of work. Specific sites and companies will be covered in later posts, but I assure you my first week with these companies, I did get paid. Once I'd found monetary stability again, I moved on to ways I could save money.

Because my fiance is unemployed, he was only receiving a portion of his normal wages (about 50%), which pretty much devastated our normal lifestyle; I had to make up the difference somewhere in order to be able to get gas, food, and other supplies. Not to mention we like to do fun things with our kids. I quickly turned back to Couponing as I knew it would help, but had no idea how far it could go.

After just three trips to the store I had saved over $150 and paid less than 1/3 of that. As my resources opened up, I won gift cards, free coupons, and even got free stuff. I have only been Couponing since July 10th, 2010 and have saved over $218, spending just 29% of that at around $64. I have purchased exactly 75 items so far - that's an average of $.91 an item. It amounts to shopping at the Dollar Store for your name brand merchandise like Tide, Pampers, Old Spice, and Schick. Imagine that.

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